Why Should Local Government Rethink the ‘Fixing the Plumbing’ Principle

When it comes to “fixing the plumbing,” it means breaking the local government’s dependence on expensive or inflexible technology. It won’t join up building reusable digital services but will support digital technology for the plumbing systems to make it effortless to the users.

It is very effective since digital technology helps the user support their needs and continuously helps them improve to take any challenging tasks.

Generally, by changing the front-end systems, local councils fix their plumbing. In addition, they offer user-friendly and simple customer interfaces that encourage people to interact with online public services.

Digital plumbing systems develop their websites and mobile apps so that the user gets every possible facility in no time.

And the process of contacting a plumber through the internet is straightforward. For instance, when you reach any website, you will find different contacting systems like sending email or message or even they would provide the phone number. Thus, you can use your preferred contact system you want.

On the other hand, a few sites also ask you to fill up your information. Once you provide all the information, like your name address, it will automatically transfer to the spreadsheet. After that, the site staff member will deliver your mail to the relevant plumber you need.

However, the government should rethink the extra costs to avoid any customer bad experience. Also, they should think about “fixing the pricing” issue just to ensure the digital plumbing process is holistic. And it should integrate with the ideal legacy system of consolidation.

Digital Plumbing Transformation

If you are fully prepared for the digital plumbing transformation, make sure you use the latest technology to empower all your employees. That’s because this will improve the performance of your business, efficiency, agility, transparency, and so on. Usually, technology helps bring everyone together in a highly collaborative environment. And this will help to create a seamless plus efficient workplace.

Nevertheless, the local government organizations can manage a number of data-rich services. They plan to identify when the service needs to be digitally transformed and might feel overwhelming.

In terms of lite case management aspects, one should focus on short-term options to transform one area. It would be an attractive option, but these limitations would be more apparent when it comes to the long-term run.

Fixing the plumbing usually focuses on the solutions that are unable to grow and meet the organization’s evolving needs; this is especially for changing the regulatory landscape.

In addition, these solutions do not allow the council to react quickly, changing any rules in government policy.

Sometimes when you upgrade anything, the council may want to change out of the choice that is a painful exercise. This puts the plumbing council bearing the costs of potential costs to different technologies. But, on the other hand, it helps improve plumbing service technology more frequently.

Anyhow, these costs are due to the short-term platform approach, which is from the very beginning. But the councils can take a long-term approach to avoid these costs issues.

Additionally, when councils take a long-term approach, this helps government organizations acquire technological capabilities whenever they need to transform the front-end and back-office to identify their specific areas plus priorities for deployment.

When you are ready to enable the digital transformation, there are a few things you should ask yourself.

– Are you ready to be constrained by legacy systems?

– Is your investment enough for the innovation?

– What could be the actual cost of running the business effectively?

– What would be a strategy for you to connect the business process?

– What is your strategy to connect your modern open system?

– Can you vendor effectively dictate your digital strategy?

– How much could your leveraging cost?

Take a deep look at those questions and find out the answers. Then, if you get positive answers, make your plumbing system a digital process.

Bottom Line

At first, digital transformation could be a complex process for you. But when you focus on the front-end system, this will be easier for you. You should think about the long-term instead of focusing on a short-term fix.


Research on different types of strategies and embrace the short-term, medium, and long-term strategic goals. Then, when you will go with the flow of your plumbing service, your local government will address the challenges.