Public Education

As a longtime public education advocate, I will be a fierce defender of public schools, oppose any efforts to privatize our public education system, and fight to ensure that every student in America has access to tuition free community college or vocational training, and can attend college without the threat of crushing student loan debt.

When I was in the State House, Betsy DeVos, Rick Snyder and the Republican legislature tried to create a statewide takeover school district called the EAA, the so-called “Education Achievement Authority.” This legislation allowed unaccountable charter schools to proliferate across our state while draining funds from our community public schools. I’m proud to say I led the fight to end the EAA, uncovering through the FOIA that they were neglecting the most at-risk students. In Washington, I’ll take on Betsy DeVos once again and fight to stop her harmful privatization agenda from succeeding.

I will also be an advocate for affordable college and fight to end the college affordability crisis afflicting a generation. When I left Lansing, I founded and became the President of the Michigan Promise Zone Association. Promise Zones guarantee free college tuition as well as financial aid and scholarship assistance, technical training and certification to every single graduating high school student in communities all over the state. It’s a solution to the college affordability crisis that we can use as a blueprint for a national model.