Jobs and the Economy

In Washington, I will fight to immediately institute a federal living wage of at least $15, so that people working 40 hours a week can take care of themselves and provide for their families without having to worry about whether the next paycheck will be enough to cover the bills.

It’s not enough for our economy to have nearly full employment—too many people have dropped out of the workforce entirely, and too many people are having to work multiple part-time jobs just to make ends meet. We need an economy where people aren’t just employed, but they’re employed with good jobs that pay high wages and provide strong benefits. That’s what I’ll fight for in Congress.

I’ll work to restore and protect the rights of workers to collectively bargain across this country. With teachers striking from West Virginia to Arizona, this year we’ve seen the power of people coming together to fight for their communities. Now, we need leaders in Washington who will fight for them. Right-to-work laws have devastated unions and must be reversed. In Congress, I will support the rights of workers to have free and fair elections under the Employee Free Choice Act.

I’ve always been a fierce advocate for women’s issues, and in Congress, I’ll support policies to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work. I’ll also support paid family and medical leave, and I’ll fight to expand Social Security. By fully funding Social Security, we can ensure that every senior retires in dignity, and that the program will be there for our children and grandchildren.

I will also support international trade policies that prioritize the American worker, and I’ll oppose any law that makes it easier for powerful corporations to take jobs away from and drive down wages for hardworking Americans, in Michigan and across the country.

When I was a State Representative, I voted to raise Michigan’s minimum wage, co-sponsored legislation to improve collective bargaining rights, fought to establish an equal pay commission, and voted to expand workers protections and benefits. I was proud to earn a 100% rating from the Michigan AFL-CIO. In Washington, I’ll be the same kind of leader.