Perhaps the most immediate crisis facing Michigan today is the appalling neglect of our infrastructure. Driving up Mound Road in our district is like navigating a minefield of potholes. Pieces of I-696 are liable to fly into drivers’ windshields without warning. Lake St. Clair’s beaches are often closed when old sewage pipes overflow in heavy rains. It’s time our leaders in Washington took a bold approach to solving our infrastructure crisis.
With a robust Federal Jobs Program focusing on direct public investment rather than “corporate giveaways” that prioritize profits over people, we can put millions of Americans back to work fixing our crumbling roads and bridges—and so much more.

Our national infrastructure desperately needs to be brought into the 21st century. We need better broadband access, smarter trains, renovated schools, and modernized hospitals. A Federal Jobs Program to overhaul our national infrastructure would produce family-sustaining jobs, raise living standards, reduce inequality, strengthen education, and foster a clean, healthy environment.