The Environment

With my background in biochemistry, I find it deeply embarrassing that we have a climate denier in the White House, leading a political party that ignores and disregards the scientific truth. Climate change is real, and we must do everything we can to create a society and an economy that leaves a healthy planet for our children.

In Congress,
I will support legislation to vastly reduce carbon pollution over the next few decades, and ensure that we make a full transition away from fossil fuels to renewable, clean energy. I will always support greater investment in clean energy R&D and technology such as wind and solar and will work to strengthen energy efficiency laws. I’ll oppose taxpayer subsidies for fossil fuel companies and any new offshore drilling or pipelines.

As a state legislator,  I was named an Environmental Champion by the Sierra Club for my work to protect the environment, and a Clean Water Hero by Clean Water Action. In Washington, I will always vote for the environment first. We owe it to our kids.