Civil Rights & Social Justice

I have always been and will continue to be a strong ally for the LGBTQ+ community. I will oppose any efforts to legalize persecution and discrimination in the workplace and favor legislation that creates a more equal and equitable society for all—no matter who you love.

I’ll also work hard to reform our broken criminal justice system and work to ensure that people of color truly have equal rights and equal access to opportunity. As a former legislator, I was appointed to spearhead legislation to reform the way Michigan appoints legal counsel to poor defendants. In Washington, I’ll support policies that make the justice system more fair, from legalizing marijuana to sentencing reform and banning for-profit prisons. I’ll also support stronger enforcement of regulations to ensure that Minority Business Enterprises don’t face illegal discrimination.

When it comes to immigration, I believe we need a policy of compassion. We have to protect our DREAMers, who contribute so much to our economy and our society. We need a legal path to citizenship for non-criminal undocumented people, and we need an immediate end to inhumane, human-rights-violating immigration enforcement practices like separating families at the border and keeping people in detention centers indefinitely. Immigrants make this country great, and we need a humane immigration policy that reflects that truth.