Campaign Finance Reform

It is a sad reality that in this country the very richest control so much of the political process.

With the disastrous Citizens United decision, our Supreme Court made it even easier for millionaires, billionaires, and powerful corporations to buy off politicians and purchase incomprehensible political power.


In Washington, I will fight for greater enforcement of our existing campaign finance regulations and the creation of stronger regulations to combat corruption. I will take on Super PACs, seek to shine a bright light on “dark money,” and fight to make our campaign finance system 100% transparent, so that donors and corporations can’t hide what influence they’re trying to buy. I will also support stronger systems of public financing for elections. I would support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.


Campaign finance reform has always been an issue I’ve been passionate about. I’m currently serving (on leave) on the Board of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, a watchdog group that shines a light on campaign finance in Michigan State Politics. When I was in Lansing, I was well known for standing up to special interests and having little interest in revolving door politics. In Washington, I’ll be focused on the same issue.