Meet Ellen Lipton

As the granddaughter of immigrants, Ellen Lipton was raised to believe that working hard and playing by the rules was the path to a good American life. Scholarships, jobs and the affordable cost of higher education allowed Ellen to attend Harvard Law School, where she met her husband Marc, in 1989.


Nearly thirty years later, Ellen is running for Congress in Michigan’s 9th district because she wants America to return to the land of opportunity it used to be. As Congresswoman, Ellen will be a fearless fighter to create a better future for our community.


While raising two active kids, Ellen worked as a patent attorney, helping universities and small businesses innovate and grow. As a survivor of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Ellen became involved in public life when she joined the fight to allow life-saving stem cell research in Michigan. She ran for State Representative in 2008 and served three full terms, the maximum allowed in the state.


As a legislator, Ellen led the fight against Betsy DeVos’ efforts to destroy Michigan’s public-school system. She served on several important committees, including Appropriations, Education and Judiciary, and was named the Public Official of the Year in 2010 (by the National MS Society); the Legislator of the Year in 2011 and 2012 (by the Michigan Probate Judges Association and the Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals); an Environmental Champion in 2012 (by the Michigan Sierra Club); the Elected Official of the Year in 2013 (by the Oakland County Democratic Party); and the Democratic Representative of the Year in 2014 (by the Michigan Information and Research Service). In her final term in office, Ellen was appointed by the Governor to lead the effort to reform Michigan’s broken criminal justice system for appointing counsel to indigent citizens.


Ellen has previously been endorsed by EMILY’s List, Sierra Club, Equality Michigan, the Detroit Free Press, and the Detroit News, just to name a few. After leaving Lansing, Ellen founded and was named President of the Michigan Promise Zone Association, which supports free community college tuition, technical training and certification to Michigan students in selected communities across Michigan, a blueprint for free college tuition across America.


As the only woman in a four-way Democratic Primary and a progressive through and through, Ellen is proud to be in this race, and excited to get to Washington to continue to fight for the people of Macomb and Oakland Counties.


Ellen’s priorities:

  • Ellen believes in a strong public education system and will always resist efforts to privatize our schools

  • Ellen believes in protecting and expanding Social Security

  • Ellen believes in investing in infrastructure and creating well-paying jobs for our community

  • Ellen believes in universal healthcare for all Americans

  • Ellen believes in raising the minimum wage to a living wage

  • Ellen believes in a woman’s right to choose

  • Ellen believes in protecting our environment and leaving a healthy planet for our children