Should You Mix Plumbing and Politics?

When it came to rules during the Wild West era, many specified “no-politics” since, like oil and water, they didn’t mix.

When it comes to plumbing and the political views of their owners, the same holds, as both the Great Pandemic Depression and the presidential election season are occurring simultaneously, entrepreneurs are tempted to use their firms as platforms to advocate their political views openly.


Is it a Better Choice to Mix Plumbing and Politics?

No, If you’re in the plumbing business, it’s a good idea not to combine politics with your plumbing business; otherwise, you’ll run into financial difficulties.

It would help if you avoided getting involved in local or national politics while you own a business, regardless of the topic.

Why? If you haven’t already figured it out, adopting aside a hotly debated topic is a surefire way to alienate a large portion of your potential customers.


Don’t Indulge in Such Activities.

The bravery to stand up for what you believe in is wonderful, but if you want to maximize your earnings, I believe you should avoid doing so.

However, we’ve seen that even the most powerful multinational corporations may be damaged when they speak out on one side of a political issue.


Search for a Winning Clause

With a sign outside your plumbing shop supporting one candidate, you’re bound to lose clients who don’t agree. Are you ready to risk losing even a small percentage of your consumers who are on the opposite side of the political debate?

And how would you feel if a small company you often frequent had signs supporting the politician you oppose? Is it possible for you to relocate your business? Perhaps Branson pushed company owners to choose a charitable cause to support rather than discuss party politics.

That’s a very different matter, though. For company owners, getting involved in the community and spreading the word about a subject close to their hearts is typically a good idea.

Why not ask your consumers to fund organizations that fight chronic illnesses, stop domestic violence, and improve the lives of young people in your community? Incorporate them into your marketing efforts.

Please pay it forward by making a charitable donation from your earnings. Customers and the general public show their appreciation for plumbers who promote awareness of worthy issues.


Reasons Not to Mix Plumbing with Politics


1. Customers might Leave your Plumbing Business

First and foremost, you might lose a lot of consumers if you plaster your political party’s flag all over your shop. We may use mathematical reasoning to explain this logic, using the presidential election as an example.

Presumably, Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination, and Donald Trump was elected president by Republicans, but let’s say that half of your clients are Democrats.

If you were to display campaign literature from either party in your storefront, you might expect half of your customers to be outraged and never return.


2. The Incomes of your Plumbing Business can be Minimize

When it comes to wealth management, a company, like a person, has three options. The book The Survival of the Richest best proved this. It’s possible to manage one’s money in three basic ways:

  • You might begin by reducing your wealth to the level of your fundamental necessities for survival.
  • Second, you have the option to live on the brink of extinction with only the bare minimum of resources.

It is now possible to maximize your money over the necessities required for existence.” The book’s results show that limiting wealth and surviving on one’s own isn’t adequate.


3. It could End your Plumbing Business

Entrepreneurs should avoid becoming involved in politics for the third and most important reason: their companies may go out of existence. For the most part, this is a product of the preceding two principles.

Businesses will certainly suffer financial consequences if they lose a significant number of their existing clients. They may be forced to close their doors if they suffer a significant financial loss.


4. Your Personal Wealth May Suffer

Because their riches might be at risk, business people should avoid getting involved in politics. Even if a business fails, the owner will still need to find a way to cover her living expenses. If she has no alternative source of income, she will likely need to find new work right away.