Plumbers Vs. Plumbing Contractors Vs. Specialty Plumbers – Are They the Same

As a homeowner, you may think the terms plumbers, plumbing contractors, and specialty plumbers are the same. But these three have significant distinctions when it comes to their responsibilities or skills. To help you get a clear idea, here’s a quick guide on these services.

Plumbers Vs. Plumbing Contractors Vs. Specialty Plumbers

Definition Of A Plumber

A plumber is someone who can help you install or maintain the pipes of your home or business. Generally, these pipes are needed for water, irrigation, draining, etc. And if you face any issues like frozen pipes, leaky faucets, or drain blockage and clogged toilets while using them, you will need a trained professional to repair your fixtures.

What Can A Plumber Do?

A plumber is an officially expert in many plumbing fixtures. He goes through under another plumber to learn the task effectively. Whenever you have an emergency, you usually look for a professional plumber to handle everything perfectly.

Most of the plumbers are experienced with some common tasks. For instance,

– A plumber knows how to fix faucet issues

– If your toilet is clogged

– He will clear the shower when it drains

– You can ask him for food disposals

– If there are any issues with hot water dispensers

– When your kitchen sink does not work properly

– A plumber can fix up the bathtubs issue

Types of Plumbers

Typically, plumbers come in 5 different types.

  1. Residential Plumber

A residential plumber is specialized in repairing, maintaining, and installing fixtures in residential areas or homes. Mostly, they spend time on small-scale plumbing pipe system installation, including plumbing system repairs. In addition, they work to solve issues on water systems pipes within a home.

  1. Commercial Plumber

Plumbers who are certified professionals at plumbing works and perform duties in commercial settings are known as commercial plumbers. Usually, commercial plumbers working areas are hospitals, schools, colleges, or industrial equipment. A commercial plumber is responsible for repairing, maintaining, as well as installing commercial settings.

  1. Sanitary Plumber

A professional person who is experienced in the sanitary system is known as a sanitary plumber. Most homeowners hire this type of plumber to solve sanitary plumbing issues.

  1. Service and Repair Plumber

Plumbers who are experts at both commercial and residential plumbing systems are called service and repair plumbers. They do common tasks like pipe leaks, reducing clogs, adjusting the water pressure, etc.

  1. Water supply plumber

People who are especially working with water supply settings are water supply plumbers. Typically, they can fix any kind of issue on water tanks, overhead storage tanks or pipes, bathroom tanks, as well as other water supply systems.

Definition Of A Plumbing Contractor?

A plumbing contractor is an expert at everything a plumber can do. But a plumber contractor also knows how to work on the plumbing design and construction of a new house.

What Can A Plumbing Contractor Do?

So, you are wondering what a plumbing contractor exactly does? Let’s have a quick look at the tasks.

– Helps renovate or construct the home’s disposal system

– He is an expert at installing flues, gas connections, plus water heaters. So you are looking for a water heater repair near me, it is the right choice to hire a plumber.

– A plumbing contractor helps connect the home’s water system

– You will get help to soften the home’s equipment, at the same time to install gas control valves

– They can provide help for the water leak or yard line leak, gas or slab leak

– You will need a plumbing contractor to get a consultant when you are in the planning stages of your home

– They troubleshoot the plumbing fixtures to make corrections when needed

Definition Of A Specialty Plumber?

Plumbers who are specialized in installing fire sprinkler systems are specialty plumbers. Installing fire sprinklers is a must for commercial areas rather than residential areas since it is an added safety function. When the fire sprinkler can detect any smoke, it will automatically turn on to avoid accidents.

What Can A Specialty Plumber Do?

Usually, specialty plumbers are focused on:-

– Sprinkler system to avoid any danger

– They work on home remodeling projects

– Helps in installing or repairing water pipes or lines

– Also, they are experts at gas line install

Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you have a clear concept of the difference between plumbers and plumbing contractors, and specialty plumbers. So, whenever you need the help of a plumber, you should evaluate your need and then call an expert.